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Are you overwhelmed figuring out how to navigate caring for a loved one with dementia?


Do you wish you had guidance on how to navigate the progression of the disease?


Are you looking for tools and strategies to decrease care partner burnout?

Do you need guidance in understanding the different stages of dementia and navigating brain changes to best support your loved one?

Stronger Pathways offers a variety of personalized services for care partners to help meet their loved ones' needs while focusing on self-care.


  • Helping care partners navigate potential challenges as loved ones progress through the disease. Work might include collaborative planning and behavior tracking to create safety within the home, scripts for dealing with resistance to daily living activities such like dressing and bathing, etc.

  • Understanding the current stage of Dementia the loved one is in, determining how to navigate this specific stage, and preparing for progression into the next stage.

  • Developing meaningful, respectful activities to maintain cognition.

  • Implementing strategies for care partners to reduce caregiver burnout and promote quality of life.

  • Supporting families in decision making and planning for the future.

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