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Are you noticing changes to your ability to remember information? Are you having difficulty finding the right word to say? Are tasks that used to be simple, now more difficult?

Do you have Parkinson's or similar symptoms? Are you interested in an evidence based program to increase vocal loudness, improve speech and swallowing, and cognition?

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with Dementia? Are you having difficulty managing changes to a loved one's behaviors?

​Are you having difficulty eating or drinking without coughing? Have you or a loved one unintentionally lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time? Are you having difficulty chewing food or getting food/liquid down? 

Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke that impacted communication? Are you frustrated by feeling misunderstood by a communication impairment? 

Are you experiencing caregiver burnout? Do you feel like you need a safe space to receive one-on-one support and recommendations to decrease the load you’re carrying?


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